Friday, January 20, 2012

Corwen Outdoor Capital of North East Wales

After many years of working on the project at Yr Hen Felin turning a run down Youth Hostel into a stand alone activity centre that is making money that is ploughed back into Scouting in Northampton District we have spent a lot of time running activities around the Corwen Area. Through the centre staffs involvement with the Corwen and District Buisness Association we have been able to see th true potential that Corwen has to become one of the great destinations for walking and outdoor activities in the UK. Corwen just has to believe in itself and it could really become the Outdoor Capital of North East Wales. Llangollen has its International Eistedford and advertises itself as the town that welcomes the world to Wales and there is a real buzz in the high street in the Town but for outdoor activities Corwen has so much to offer. The Berwyn is in itself a really remarkable area of the Country vastly overlooked but offers one of the best ridge walks in the Country. Jeremy Ashcroft the mountaineering editor of Trail was full of praise for the Berwyn in his recent article and he has walked all over the world.

Corwen has high mountains on its doorstep but could also offer climbing, water activities and mountain biking all in its backyard. We just need to unlock the potential and let it out. At a meeting today I was privileged to meet Gareth Parry the owner of the best chip shop in the world, situated on the A5 in Corwen, and also for Stone Willy's Pizzas in Cynwyd but he is also an avid mountain biker. Time went by too quickly at our meeting but I think we could both see the potential that Corwen has to the outdoor enthusiasts many of whom simple pass through this fantastic area to travel the extra distance to Snowdonia. To do this simply ignores that fact that you are missing out on some amazing activity areas.

So to the outdoor enthusiasts out there why not have a look at what Corwen can offer you and to our colleagues, friends and neighbours in Corwen what we say is lets share a dream. Let's build the infrastructure to become a world class venue for the outdoors and as in the film Field of Dreams believe that if we build it they will come. It's up to us all to ensure that this dream becomes a reality.