Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kit We Like

What kit do we use when doing activities at the centre? We will regularly update this blog with new kit we use and like so check back to see whats new.
Waterproofs are a must when working outside (or even visiting the supermarket) and the best we have found is those made by Paramo. Their waterproof coats and trousers are very breathable, fully waterproof, strong and can be mended with a needle and thread if damaged so all in all they are a winner. There only downside is that they are a bit hot and heavy but in heavy rain or winter conditions they are a must.

If we are going to be outside all day in the Autumn, Spring or Summer we tend to fall back on a very old Buffalo top. This with a base layer and under a thin Mountain Equipment waterproof will keep you warm and dry for hours and although we like the Paramo kit this combination works very well especially if you are standing about waiting for groups.

For outdoor trousers we like most things by Rohan but our favourites are by Mountain Hardware. Some of their trousers have great pockets that can fit a map into and they slope so you can access them when wearing a rucksack which is a superb feature.

For base layers there are so many to choose from. We currently use a Berghaus base layer and a couple of very old Karrimor ones that have stood the test of time. There are so many base layers about and we think most of them work pretty well.

For rucksacks we favour Lowe Alpine and are currently using a Mountain Attack Pro which is very good. We recently purchased a Deuter Guide 35+ which is proving good and for a few months we have been looking at what Millet (not Milletts) the French mountaineering company have on offer. We have one Millet rucksack at present and this has proved good. 

Soft shell has now proved a real hit. My favourite soft shell jacket is by Millet and this is excellent. It is very light, very thin, packs away to nothing but gives fantastic protection when you put it on. Mountain Equipment make similar products which are worth looking at as well.

For a stove we use a Jetboil which is excellent. I have used this for over three years and it is worth the money. There are other similar stoves available so keep your eye on the ones from Primus which will probably start to drop in price soon.    

Other things we like are sporks which we have a few of. You can get these in lots of materials and Vango do a folding steel one with other companies doing the same product but in titanium to save on weight. At the other end of the market you can pick up a plastic spork for under £2 and this would be useful on expeditions.

This is just a sample of the things we use but when we buy or see other things we will add some more updates.

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